2011, ready or not, here i come :)
First of all, aku rase dah lame gila aku tak update blog kesayangan aku ni.
Tak tahu reasonnye kenapa.
Tapi, mungkin sebab utamanya MALAS!
Whatever it is tahun baru ni aku cube untuk aktif dalam mengupdate blog.

Okay. Now is the time for my azam tahun baru. :)
2010, you have been good to me all this year. All the obstacles and experience had taught me a lot about life.
Thanks 2010.
2011, tahun baru, azam baru, bla bla bla yada yada yada.
Typical kan. Ha Ha Ha.
Actually, i dont have any azam. Yet. But i do have a friend named Azam.
Okay! Cut this crap.
I do not know what will I get through but I do know that I will make sure that my life will be awesome this year. It just that I hope for this year coming will make me a better person. Better student. Better children. Better Khalifah. Waaaah! Harapan setinggi gunung.

So, 2011! Be nice to me!!


tiQ said...

=) insyallah...semoga semuenye bjalan dengan lancar..amin...

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