Dreams? Hopes? Ambitions?

Hello stalkers! :D
Ha Ha Ha
Cuz tonight will be the night that i will tell you...
Over agaaaaaaain...
Don't make me change my mind!

Alright! cut the crap already!
Tonight, I just feel like want to tell you stalkers about my dreams, hopes and ambitions. Sebab, at the moment I feel like want to wrote what i feel. :D

Currently, I'm taking Certified Accountant Technician, CAT. This is my last semester in this course. So, After this, I'm going to find a part time work just to fill up my time before my June Exam result is out. :) So, my age would be 21 years old at that time.

So, lepas dah keluar result and takde repetition. I think I'm going to apply any local universities to further my study in accounting . Perhaps, I'm going to take Audit as my major. masyoooook woo keje auditor!! It would take me about 3 to 4 years to finish it. And my age would be 24 or 25 years old.
Ha Ha ha

Right after i finished my degree, I'm going to send my resumes to all possible companies. Work for a few months. And then, I would like to further my studies in Masters, MBA, that would take about a year and then PHd in 2 years, as a part time student. My age would be 28. :)

Dah sampai seru dah rasanya waktu itu. :p Get married at 28 years old! Tua seyh!
Ha Ha Ha
Work. Work. Work. Work. Make love. Make child. Live happily with my lovely future wife, Nurul Atiqah binti Bahrul.

Okay. After that. My last exams, my last courses, my last papers, my last classes would be in Association of Certified Chartered Accountant, ACCA. :) That would be the very last course and after that all my plan would be a success.

Work. Work. Work. Make Love. Make child. Live happily ever after. :)

Hope everything that I planned akan berjaya ditunaikan!


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