Who is our guardian? Everyone has their own view on who is their guardian.
To me, my guardian is my parents.
My mother especially. She is the one who guide and protect me in this world. She is the one who had to get through the difficulties on gives birth. She is the one who feed me, protect me. She is the one who thought me how cruel this life could be.
This is a letter through blog that I wrote for you. My mother.

Dear Mak,

Mak, I am sorry for what I have done towards you. I know I'm not a good son. I'm not. I know that is the truth. I know that you want me to be the best, good person in this world.
Well, I'm trying to be the best. Slowly. I can not change myself immediately to someone who is pious. I am so sorry for what I did. So, sorry.
But, I know. Sorry is not enough kan mak? I do not know what to do. I do not know how to be like you want me to be. For that, I am sorry mak.
I already made a promise to myself. I will be pious, a good person, a good child and a good friend. I will be. Not now mak. Not yet. But I will be. I promise. Once, I am what you want me to be. I will come home. I will come home with head hails up high. A son that you want me to be. That time you will be proud of me having a son like me.
I know it is kind of late to regret right? At least, I do feel regret.
Anyways, I am sorry mak. So, sorry. I hurt you so many times. Countless. This I promise you.
I love you still. And I am sorry.

Your disobedient son.

So, a letter from a disobedient insolent ungrateful son.
For you my stalker who is reading this. Be grateful, be obedient and be polite to our mother. Do appreciate them for what they have done to us.
"Dah terhantuk baru nak terngadah"
"Dah terjatuh baru nak menggelabah"
Do not make those quotes as your quotes in your life.
Good night folks.


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